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Hill Street Counselling Palmwoods

Hill St Counselling was established 14 years ago to offer a comfortable, warm, and safe space where people can access excellent professional counselling. We are informed by a narrative framework that acknowledges that problems are the problem – not people, and that all problems have a context.

Hill St Counselling aims to create a climate where recognition, interest and celebration of people’s differences, skills and values is a priority. It is also an inclusive practice that welcomes people from all cultural backgrounds, gender and sexuality.

Our staff include fully qualified and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers who have had a passionate commitment to the field of mental health for over 30 years and reception staff who offer a warm and professional welcome. They have known each other professionally for a very long time and they enjoy working together and collaborating. They believe Hill St Counselling offers people a relaxed and professional space to engage in some meaningful conversations. 

We are situated in a small and friendly Queenslander surrounded by trees and garden in a back street of Palmwoods. Our waiting areas have interesting reading material and comfortable seating. We are also around the corner from a number of interesting shops, cafes and Pilates and massage places to explore before or after an appointment. 


BSWK (Hons) UQ


Accredited Mental Health Social Worker



Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Our approach

Our approach is informed by a narrative therapy framework which is a respectful, collaborative, and non-blaming approach to counselling.

This way of working is honouring of the knowledges people have about their own lives, their ways of facing challenges, and their hopes for themselves, and their future. 
Our conversations focus on bringing forward your skills and abilities and values as we work towards your hopes and preferences.

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We offer counselling for individuals couples and families of all ages who are responding to a broad range of problems and concerns in their lives and relationships.

To provide flexibility and accessibility we are able to provide services face to face, via telephone and video link.

No referral is required however a rebate is available from Medicare if you have a mental health care plan from your GP. We also provide services to people funded through NDIS, Workcover and EAP.

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